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First Classroom Video - GarageBand Podcast & Exporting

First Classroom Video - GarageBand Podcast & Exporting

Pause, Rewind your teacher - The future?

Each morning my wonderful year three class come into school ready to learn and sit down at a planned activity; reading, comprehension, daily sketching, reciprocal reading and COMPUTING. Every week I will pick up on something the children have been learning and structure a way of using computing to publish their work or enhance their understanding of a topic.

This week we had written personification poetry based around City Jungle by Pie Corbett.

Playing with the order of their personification poetry (Y3)

The poem was perfect.  We analysed it, played with it, performed it and then wrote our own version using the theme of The Blitz in London during WWII.

The children did a fantastic job and loved every minute of it.  We've recently started a class blog and wanted to share the poetry with the world.  When asked how they wanted to share it, the children wanted to record themselves reading their versions, rather than filming.  They wanted their voice to communicate the language, rather than their performance on camera.

So, time pressed, I decided to allow the children to record their poem using GarageBand - a skill they'd learned before when creating loop music in a previous term.

I modelled the process one afternoon, prior to the next mornings independent learning.
What happened the next day......lightbulb moment.

Several children brought me their MacBooks asking a few questions over the exporting part of the process I'd modelled the previous day.  I helped the children, but I haven't got the time to do that 31 times, unless . . . 

I'd been reading 'The Flipped Classroom' and after seeing Aaron Sams and Jonathan Bergmann discuss the subject at The Bett Show 2014, I knew this was an opportunity to trial this - More to come on this when I've finished the book.

So here goes.  I used Quicktime to screen capture the video of me modelling the process and I've published it on 

I'm going to email the children the link to the video and see what happens.  It'll be quite cool to see them watch, pause, rewind the video and eventually export the .MP3 file, ready for publishing to their own blogs.  It will be even better if they watch the video at home and then practice the skills at home prior to coming to school. Let's see.

It's half term at the moment here, so I'll have to wait until I return to school next week to see who's watched it.  I'll be trying it with mathematical concepts as well.

I've also arranged training for staff after half term to create their own voice recordings or podcasts at school.  I'll be using the video prior to the training sessions, and ask staff to bring questions and examples to the meeting rather than using the 'stand and deliver method' you sometimes receive at staff training.

I'll report back next week. Pause, rewind your teacher, I like that!

In the meantime: 

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